Saturday, February 15, 2014

How Long Can Miss World 2014 Go

Miss World 2014 can go longer this year if everything will go smoothly especially on the preparation phase. This period would create numerous challenges but hopefully all will cooperate to mark the 64th anniversary of Miss World.

Still nine months away from the Miss World 2014 coronation night yet it is already a topic among pageant sites on the internet. While the pageant will be held on early November, some countries have their national representatives undergo rigorous training in order to learn essential skills in joining any beauty pageant like proper poise and graceful and stylish walk.

This only means that every candidate really aspires to go after Megan Young, 2013's Miss World. Surprisingly, Young's home country, Philippines, is not the host of the event despite the tradition of giving the rights to host to the winning country.

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Moreover, according to Young, bringing the pageant into her country is not just hosting Miss World 2014 but it is also about rebuilding her country after the tremendous disaster left by the Super Typhoon Yolanda (with an international name Haiyan) last year.

Miss World 2014

Miss World becomes popular among the viewing public, which warrants the continuity of the pageant not only as a pageant per se but more importantly, an institution for humanitarian causes.

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