Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Mom Was Right About Casey Snowboarding in New York City

Now you will know that your Mom was right about Casey snowboarding in New York City is cuter than a kitten.

Casey is the stunt man in a trending video that is  cool as well as dangerous snowboarding escapade in the city of New York City. He makes extraordinary stunt to beat the freezing environment of New Yorkers. There are hundreds of mix reaction behind this snowboarding in New York City.

Almost of the them have positive views on Casey's attempt to break his bedroom silence as he decided to create something peculiar for the benefit of his curiosity. They said that his snowboarding is exceptionally cuter than a sleepy kitten in their household.

 Read on Why Casey’s Snowboarding in New York City is Cuter Than a Kitten

Casey is indeed an energetic young man that he can obviously ski based on his snowboarding prowess.

Why Casey's Snowboarding in New York City is Cuter Than a Kitten

Out of Casey's interest in snowboarding, he gets much attention on the web where his video hits more than four million in just three days. It is indeed a breaking news scenario where everyone wanted to watch his stunt and give their opinion.

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